About the Artist

I have been a photographer since I was a young child, at first as a documenter of events. I still have my first Brownie camera and all of the out-of-focus, sloping pictures I took with it. As the artist in me emerged,  the camera came to replace the paintbrush as my tool of choice as I explored photography as an art form. Cameras and photography have changed quite a bit since my first Brownie camera, and I’m still enjoying the ride.

I originally started the Photoeclectia blog a few years ago when I joined some others in a “one photograph per week” challenge. The Photoeclectia blog has since become my playground for ongoing work that makes its way (sometimes makes its way, should make its way) to my main website. I often become involved in one photo per week themed challenges. It’s especially fun to see how other photographers involved in these challenge translate the themes. Please be sure to weigh in on what you like or don’t like about the photos I post here.

If you’d like to see the main collection of my work, please visit http://www.photoeclectia.com.

And while you’re at it, please visit my new blog that documents the rollercoaster ride of my experiences in learning to master the craft pottery: throwing on the wheel: ceramichedonna.wordpress.com. Teaching the old dog new tricks: join me as I explore becoming a 3D artist. I wonder if I can merge photography and pottery…hmmm…

2 thoughts on “About the Artist”

  1. I will take a look at your other site 🙂


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