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Temple of Poseidon at Sunset

52-Week Challenge, 2017
Week 38: 50mm

This is actually 51mm, but don’t tell anyone.

There is a story behind this image in that it almost didn’t come to pass. My travel companions and I ran into a couple of dishonest cabbies on the way to Sounion, Greece from Athens. To make a long story short, we ended up being deposited in the middle of nowhere to catch “the next bus.” Can you believe it, an honest Uber driver rescued us in the middle of nowhere and we arrived safely at our destination where we spent many happy hours. After sunset, we looked around for a way to get back to Athens, thinking we could find another Uber driver, but nope. Not even a cabbie in sight, honest or no. Asking questions will get you everywhere. Ten minutes later, we caught the last bus of the day back to Athens (located just around that corner there) and we happily (and quite cheaply) arrived back “home” safe and sound and with nice sunset photos.