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LilyYellowOn my way from here to there this week, I noticed that the Margaret Thompson Garden on Ox Road was still filled with lilies. I had to stop. It was one of the rare times I didn’t have a proper camera with me, but I managed to capture quite a few good images with my Android phone’s camera.

This garden is a 50 year old plot that has gained local fame in the area where I live. The woman who owns and maintains it (Margaret Thompson) plants many different types of irises, lilies, and peonies, among other types of perennials.  She welcomes the public, which includes artists, photographers, and customers who buy the limited number of bulbs she digs up to sell at the end of each season. It’s a welcoming and peaceful spot; I try to stop by at least once each spring. I also have a few of her irises in my own garden.