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More postcards from Washington, D.C. Nothing new here, photographically. On the other hand, this blog is turning out to be, for me, a diary, or a breadcrumb trail, if you will, of what I was doing during a portion of each week of this year.

My story this week was a walk around the Tidal Basin, along with a hefty portion of the people from my workplace and 10,000 tourists, many of them Japanese, to see the cherry blossoms at their height of glory. It was a beautiful day (although somewhat warm), and someone had suggested resurrecting the long defunct yearly tradition of trooping up to the Tidal Basin en masse to celebrate this icon of springtime in Washington. Very fun.

This year, 2012, spring is on steroids, having come very early. Flowers that usually don’t appear until April are bursting forth in riotous profusion in mid-March. The cherry blossoms, magnolias, and redbud trees provide eye candy everywhere one looks. Yesterday might have been the last day this year to see the cherry trees in Washington in their prime — today, it’s raining and the weather will probably take its toll. But, amazingly, the dogwoods and even the azaleas are right on their heels. More to come…