I’m starting my one photo per week project with this unusual view of the Washington monument from the side of the U.S. Capitol. I actually discovered this view some years ago and have photographed from this vantage point a number of times in different light conditions and seasons. This particular photo is the “winterized, but prewinter” version. The planters on the left side are devoid of plants and the tree at the end of the platform has lost all of its leaves. I shot at midday in bright, sunny light. I always like the geometry of this shot, but in this case, the gnarly branches of the tree are in sharp contrast to the horizontals and verticals that usually dominate the image. The platform tiles serve to lead your eye perspectively to the tree, and perhaps even to the lamp globe situated in front of the tree. What do you see? For example, are you at first drawn to the pattern of stone on the Capitol or to the converging lines and the tree?